The (Not So) Ratchet Bachelorette

Is it possible to bring a little class to a bachelorette party (and not lose out on all the fun)?  I think so!

Here are some pictures from a recent Bachelorette Party I threw at my house- a nice mix of sophistication and “ratchetness!” (Don’t know what ratchet is? Get thee to the urban dictionary)



Pom Pom Balloons!


“Drink Bracelets” – Every time the bride-to-be needed a drink she would call on someone who still had their bracelet on!



We all brought lingerie and the bride-to-be tried to guess who brought each one.


The beautiful bride-to-be


The “Ratchet Bachelorette” Survival Kit! Everyone got sunglasses, water, advil, a CD with all the music from the night, and the schedule of events.






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Going Bananas! Sock Monkey First Birthday Party

So, Jax is officially not my “baby” anymore.  Toddler.  Even the word is such a mouthful.  It’s so funny to watch him drift back and forth between demanding independence (read: slamming a ball against the glass entertainment center, even when I show him how to properly use it with his basketball hoop) and still clinging to Babyhood (read: clutching my leg in unfamiliar places).

I wanted to throw him a First Birthday party that celebrated both these parts of him- something that fit a growing boy, but was still whimsical.  And I was also hoping it would serve as some shameless self-promotion for my burgeoning event planning and design business that I have started with a talented friend.

A party for my little Sock Monkey!

The invite:

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the invite, so we scouted an area near our house with a nice fence and did a mini photo shoot with some bananas and Jax’s Easter Basket from last year. I did the design work myself and I’m really happy with the way they came out!

Sock Monkey Invite-Front

Sock Monkey Invite-BACK

The Party:

As is my usual style, I took on WAY too many DIY projects, and was still up gluing and creating banners at 6am the night before the party!  I also didn’t anticipate how hard it was going to be to carry everything we needed for the party to the site at the Pond. All the decorations, food, tissue poms, mason jars, etc were pretty heavy and required a lot of trips. Thankfully, I had a lot of friends and family who were able to help carry items and set-up.

DIY Tissue Poms are actually really fun to make when you do it with a friend over a glass of wine.

Tissue Poms

To make the 12-month Birthday Banner, I blew up (to 5×7) one picture from each month of Jax’s life, affixed them to striped scrap book paper, and punched holes for the ribbon at the top. So simple, and such a nice personal touch.
12 Month Birthday Banner

I made the bunting from three different, coordinating fabrics- red polka dots, blue striped Dr. Suess fabric and a red sock monkey fabric. I have a new appreciation for people who quilt because cutting out all those triangles was painful! I also have to say that I don’t sew (gasp), so many thanks go to my great friend and business partner, Jessica, for bringing over her sewing machine and actually sewing these for me!

12 Month Birthday Banner

12 Month Birthday Banner

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the food cards. But there were things like “Monkey Vines” in the candy bar and “Jungle Juice” as a refreshment.

Candy Bar

Candy Bar

I stamped little muslin bags with a sock monkey that could be filled with candy as a favor for the older kids and adults.

Stamped Muslin Bags

These rice crispy treats are a perfect example of one project that had to cut! I was going to wrap each on individually in wax paper and striped bakers twine, but just ran out of time. I left one there as a memento.

Rice Crispy Treats


I baked all the cupcakes and Smash Cake the night before (again, with help from Jessica- we had quite a baking/craft night!) and topped them with these adorable cupcake toppers from Apple Blossom Cupcakes.


This cake was a gift from Nil’s godmother and it matched so perfectly with what I had in mind. I couldn’t have gotten anything better from a cake shop!

Striped Cake

It is hard to tell how big this “cupcake” is from the pictures, but it was a perfect size for a smash cake. I used this oversized cupcake mold to make it.

Smash Cake! (Giant Cupcake)

Mason Jars and Stripes

I love, love, love the way Jax’s “I am One” sign came out (I designed it myself)! This is what it said: I am one. I have 7 teeth. I can say “uh-oh” and “da-da.” I like the beach and to eat any food that comes from mommy and daddy’s plate. I don’t like getting my diaper changed and loud cheering. I can walk (but mostly like a robot)!

"I am One" Sign

The guest book was a Melissa and Doug building block set that guests could sign or provide words of wisdom about growing up.

Building Block Guest Book

Building Block Guest Book

Guest Book: Building Blocks

What I loved most about this party, was that there was something for everyone. Babies had a blanketed area with age-appropriate toys, teens were throwing the football and playing soccer, and adults were mingling with the little ones.  I couldn’t have asked for a better fall day and a better location for Jax’s first Birthday!

Happy Babies

Birthday Boy

Soccer Time

Sock Monkey Part

Fun for everyone

Monkey Vines

Fun with Dad

Fun with Mom

Baby Monkey Zone

This Sock Monkey Flag was made by my mother and is truly special and one-of-a-kind. We now have it hanging in his room!

Sock Monkey Flag

Gift Table

The favors for all the babies and little kids were filled with banana-shaped cookies and topped with mini sock monkeys.

Sock Monkey Favors

Sock Monkey Favors

Sock Monkey Favors

I filled a shadow box with some early memories of Jax (including our first picture together and little booties made by his great grandmother) and placed it near the Guest Book area.

Memory Box

Didn’t get a good picture of the “Firsts Banner,” but it had a collection of pictures of Jax’s “firsts” laid out in the shape of a “1.”

Firsts Banner

As centerpieces and table decor, I made mini bunting to match the large bunting and attached it to the party invitation. It sat in a trio of mini poms that also matched the larger ones.

mini bunting centerpieces

Smash Cake time!

Smash Cake Time!

Smash Cake

Smash Cake

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Renaissance style

Someone please make a knock-off of this dress.





Temperly London
Catherine Lace Trim Gown

Temperly London Catherine Lace Trim Gown

Shop Bop Editorial

Temperly London Catherine Lace Trim Gown

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…and I’m back baby!

I know.  I am a bad, bad blogger. My Fantastic Five are very disappointed in me.  Look, I’m going to do better. I have just been so busy keeping my now crawling infant away from all the dangerous corners of my not-quite-baby-proofed-enough apartment.  And also watching the Olympics all night every night until my eyes start to glaze over. In honor of my triumphant return, I have created the most.awesome.submission to a blog.ever.

If you haven’t seen this blog, go there NOW. If you have no idea who McKayla is, shame on you. Why aren’t you watching more of the greatest Olympic sport ever?

McKayla is Not Impressed. (Created by: Sarah and Emily, marketing rock stars)

Mckayla is Not Impressed

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10 Lessons learned in South Beach

I just got back from an extended bachelorette weekend in Miami. Four nights. Fourteen girls. Nonstop mayhem.

A few lessons learned along the way:

  1. SoBe is painfully hot in June. And painfully expensive. All the prices are spiked because it’s the “off season.” $15 a shot?  Am I drinking it out of this?
  2. Women barely wear anything in South Beach and men walk around in socks and sneakers. I know we still have a long way to go in the feminist movement, but this seems to be… advantage, women.
  3. Sitting alone on an Ocean Drive restaurant, is not the same as sitting alone at a restaurant anywhere else. People either avoid walking close to you like you have the plague or assume that they can pay you to come home with them.
  4. You can get away with wearing things in South Beach that you couldn’t wear anywhere else (so, dust off those hot pants).
  5. Mojitos are good in any flavor and there is no such thing as a Mojito that is too big.
  6. Get off Ocean Drive. All the food sucks.
  7. There is no middle fashion-class in Miami. People are either super tackilicious or dripping in designer duds.
  8. Traveling with a hoard of women is key to offsetting some of the “off season” costs.  i.e. liquor, cover charges, cab fares.
  9. Four nights of sleep deprivation, 6 hours in an airport, and a missed Gate change will cause you to burst into tears in front of the ticketing rep.
  10. Warning to People 30 and Over: Your body has changed biologically and you are no longer able to go out until 5:30 am for four consecutive days. If you do happen to do this, drink a lot of water, cry it out (see number 9.), and sleep for two consecutive days.
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Things I will never Google again…

On a recent trip to visit my grandmother (Jax’s Great Grandmother!), she ended up digging out some vintage toys that she saved from her seven children.  She was particularly in love with this one doll with “battie” eyes that she insisted on posing in the background of all the pictures with Jax (see below).

Kewpie Doll

Despite the fact that I have come across the “official” name of this doll before and that Grandma said it many times during the strange photo shoot, I couldn’t remember it when I was saving the pictures from the trip. I Googled “Vintage doll with eyes”– because, clearly, that is the best way to search for an old doll that you know nothing about.

This was the result. Seriously? I’m going to have nightmares for a week.What’s even more disturbing, is that I sifted through these results to page THREE where I finally found an image for my grandmother’s doll- the Kewpie Doll.

Kewpie Doll Search


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If I Had This Dress, My Wedding Would be Perfect.

Jenny Packham, 2012. Everything I ever wanted in a wedding dress- cap sleeves, sheer back, intricate beading, retro style. Le sigh…

I am almost tempted to buy this dress sight unseen and worry about the rest of the details later (you know- date, venue, bridal party, etc.)


Jenny Peckam-Willow Gown





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Oh, Mariah.

Hey, did everybody know that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are just like the rest of us? Thank goodness they created a website for their babies, Monroe and Moraccan (I have no idea which one is which), so we can get to know this down to earth family.

Be sure to visit (“Heartbreaker, you got ‘dem bay-ay-bies…” Sorry, couldn’t resist.) for everyday moments such as:

  • Monroe or Moroccan playing on their white baby grand
  • Playtime in the nursery adorned in gems and gowns
  • A professional photograph of an “impromptu” tots-in-the-toilet-paper incident

Side Eye.

There are a few pictures of new mommy Mariah without make-up. Fine.

Mariah Carey_babies



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Playing Tourist

This week, Nil and I decided to both take a random vacation day. If you have never taken a day off when you have nothing planned, no social engagements, no real vacation, no errands…DO IT.  We had the best time just sleeping in, taking a late brunch and then wandering around Boston like tourists. It’s amazing what you notice about a city you have lived in for many years when you don’t have somewhere to rush to.

(Jewelry: Vintage, purse: Cynthia Rowley, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Blazer: Vintage, Shirt: Forever21- gasp!)

Playing Tourist


Playing Tourist-5


Vintage Earrings


Vintage necklace


Boston waterfront


Boston- Union Oyster House


Playing Tourist-9


Boston Brass


Boston Common-fountain

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Going Tribal

What do you wear to a friends Birthday celebration in NYC when you recently walked down the street and plowed into a fire hydrant leaving you with a softball-sized, multi-colored and welted bruise on your left leg? Pants.

I didn’t want to carry my huge camera around all night, so these aren’t the best pictures. But you get the idea- tribal pants paired with a hot pink blazer, nude shoes, and some vintage/thrifted jewelry.

Tribal Pants

tribal pants-3


Not a great pic, but these are the earrings that I wore- LOLA Single Long Triangle Earrings.

tribal pants-triangle earrings

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