What’s the return policy on this house?

Over the years, I have come to realize that I suffer from Buying Dysmorphic Disorder (self-named, self-diagnosed). I am instantly overcome with anxiety once I pull the trigger on large ticket items. Transversely, I invent a need for small ticket items, such as shoes and apparel (also known as the Justify-Why-I-Need-This-In-Three-Colors Disease).

When I bought my first flatscreen television, I purchased, and promptly returned, three televisions until I found one with perfect picture quality (apparently, it’s all about the Hz). When I bought my first Digital SLR camera, I purchased, and enjoyed, my new Canon EOS T2i for exactly two days before someone mentioned, “Great camera. Did you know they are coming out with the T3i in a few months?” Right back to the store and re-purchased months later when the newer version came out. My problem, is that I always want the absolute best product for the money I’m spending.

As we begin the search for our first home, the “Buy-and-panic” part of my Disorder is having a serious flare up. I mean, how am I supposed to commit the most money I have ever seen on paper to ONE ITEM. What if we buy it and then find something better on the market? How do we choose the location that is going to give us the best return on the largest investment that we are ever going to make? How do we balance a good school district with what we can afford? Can we actually manage a fixer upper? Is an income property the best way to go? Are houses with pools really harder to resell? I get anxiety just thinking about everything we need to consider. The more I research, the more uneducated I feel. And as someone who always wants the most bang for her buck, I don’t know if I will ever be able to pull the trigger on such a huge commitment. How do people do this??

Sigh, there really should be a 30-day return or exchange policy.

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