Take your advice and….

Everyone wants to give you advice when you have a baby. This got me thinking about some of the most annoying things that people have said to me…

“You must be so glad to get out of the house and get back to work.”- from my employer who only gave me 8 weeks of Maternity Leave, unpaid, after a c-section.

“How is he sleeping?” Always asked by mothers whose children are perfect sleepers and want to brag.

“Oh, he really should have a hat/jacket/blanket…” Apparently, I can never outfit my child for the weather as good as his Grandparents can.

The “every phase is harder” commentary:
“Don’t worry, it gets easier.” Said to me when in Newborn phase.
“This is the easy part, wait until he can walk!” Said to me in Newborn phase.


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