Boston’s Taste of the Nation

Last Thursday, I had the privilege to attend Share Our Strength’s Taste of  the Nation- No Kid Hungry event in Boston (with my bestie Jessica). Not only is this event amazing because 100% of the proceeds go to support anti-hunger organizations, but attendees get to sample food and drinks from some of the most prestigious restaurants in Boston. In our usual fashion, Jessica and I made ourselves choose just one favorite bite of the night (a very difficult endeavor). My favorite dish came from 606 Congress– a bite of Monk Fish topped with chorizo, micro greens, and something pickled (not sure exactly what, but it was Deeeelicious). Jessica’s fav came from Trade (and Chef Jody Adams)- a skewer of beef and pork meatball, crouton, house smoked ricotta and micro basil.

Some of the highlights…

Taste of the Nation Boston

Creme Brulee- Sandrine's

No better way to start the night! Mini Creme Brulees from Sandrine's Bistro.

Taste of Boston- Foodways

A nice touch...Foodways were marked with hand written chalkboards.

606 Congress- Monk Fish

My favorite bite of the night! Monkfish, chorizo and micro greens.

Macaroons-Cambridge Culinary School

A midway stop for sweets, including Lavender Honey Macaroons...

Masa- Habanero Watermelon Margaritas

Dear Masa- Thank you for bringing one of my favorite cocktails in Boston! The oh-so-spicy and delicious Habanero Watermelon Margarita.


Oh, just a little Rose. Don't know where it was from. Does it matter? It's Rose.

Pork Pate-Brasserie Joe

A yummy bite of Pork Pate from Brasserie Joe. Also, A+ for display.

Tavolo- Squid Ink Pasta

Jessica's near death experience. Also known as, Allergy Super Villain Bite of Pasta. Squid Ink pasta layered with lobster and shrimp. A scary moment.

LUPEC cocktail

Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC). Enough said. Their drink had Gin. It had Green Chartreuse. It was amazing.

L'espalies- White Asparagus Royale

Oh, L'espalier. You are so fancy. So delicious. So trendy. Everything I aspire to in my own life.

L'espalier- White Asparagus

Who knew you could enjoy a plate of food with no color so much? The White Asparagus Royal was piped out as foam onto your plate. The Scallop Veil was so transformed that the texture didn't even resemble a scallop. But oh, was it good.

Trade- Beef and Pork Meatball

Trade's Meatball skewers with house smoked ricotta and crouton were the perfect savory bite. And Jessica's winner for the night!

Old Ipswich Rum

Ummm. Thimble Shots of rum? Yes, please. We'll try a flight of all three. But seriously, this rum was darn good. Who knew Green Tea and rum could go so good together? Can't wait for that one to hit the shelves!

High and Mighty Brew Company

More local brew action (Flash to Jessica tapping away at her phone entering her drinks on Untapped!)

Hunger Games Ring Toss

For an extra donation, you could participate in the Hunger Games Ring Toss! I actually got a ringer! We won a bottle of wine.

we win!

Our winnings! We chose this bottle strictly because it was the dustiest one of the group (that must mean it's the most expensive, right?).

Pig Ear

Just because I always love a good crispy pig ear.

Flour Bakery

The perfect last bite of the night. Joanne Chang didn't lie when she said it would be light and also rock our world. It did.

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One thought on “Boston’s Taste of the Nation

  1. jezkajessica says:

    Don’t worry everyone, I survived! Thanks for being my date, Sarah!

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