Bridal Shower (Fashion Power)

Last weekend I attended a LARGE bridal shower (like, 200 people large). Normally, I’m very excited about this type of thing because it’s an excuse to buy a new dress, get all dolled up, and eat a lot of good food.  I was a little more stressed than usual because it was my first time out to an event of this scale post baby, and I was sure to run into a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while. Additionally, I’ve been getting a lot of “you look great for just having a baby” comments.  Which, ironically,  have been having a confidence-sucking, rather than infusing effect. Like, what? I don’t look good in general, I only look good for someone who just had a baby?  Ultimately,  I selected a “power outfit” with structured shoulders and metal tipped shoes that could do the talking for me. “Yeah, I still got some bad ass confidence…what?” Oh, and Jax looked pretty adorable too!

Bridal Shower_Shoes

Love, love love these shoes. Which are the affordable version of Stuart Weitzman steel toed pumps I blogged about here.

On Mommy:

Shoes: Zara, Court Shoe with Metal Toe Cap

Dress: French Connection, Samantha Sleeve Dress (Navy)

On Jax:

Shoes: GAP, Slip-On Espadrilles

Shorts: Zara, Bermuda Shorts with Braces

Shirt: Zara, Horizontal Stripe Shirt

Zara Striped Boys Shirt

Bridal Shower

Dress-French ConnectionZara-Metal Toe Shoes

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One thought on “Bridal Shower (Fashion Power)

  1. Ayla Yoncaci says:

    I love your outfit and Jaxs! The dress is stunning, might have to buy that myself!

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