Locos for Zokos!

Every once in a while I come across something so wonderful and right up my alley that it actually pisses me off that it wasn’t my idea.  (Like the time I thought I finally had my million dollar idea to invent “Bookshelf.com,” the Netflix of online book rentals, only to find that something similar already exists. Waaah.)

No, but really. If you haven’t heard of Zokos, it’s amazing. The self-proclaimed “kickstarter for dinner parties” app lets you crowd source funds from your friends for parties that you are hosting.  Sigh, I really want to have a Summer Garden Party with an assortment of fancy finger sandwiches and champagne cocktails. It’s too bad I can only invite my smelly neighbor because that’s all I can afford. VOILA! Zokos to the rescue!  Set up your party and menu and then invite friends and ask them all to chip in.

I want to host parties all the time. Finally, something that doesn’t make me feel like a jerk for asking people to put change in a can for beer.


Check out Zokos:

Website: http://www.zokos.com/

Blog: http://blog.yourzoko.com/

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